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Car parking scams
In some cases fraudsters have been replacing QR codes in car parks and using fake websites to pose as online payment providers and have duped some drivers into entering their bank details.
To avoid any scam payment websites, it is important that visitors access online payment providers safely. If you choose to pay by this method in our car parks, make sure you follow one of the routes below:
- Download the PayByPhone app (or alternative parking payment app) directly from the App Store or Google Play Store
- Visit the website directly by entering (or alternative parking payment web address) into the search bar
- Dial 0330 400 7275 (for PayByPhone) to use the automated payment phoneline
Remember in our car parks you can also pay using your card directly via the machine. If you do use a QR code, check that it appears on council signage and does not appear to have been doctored.