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Local design guidance

To help ensure that new developments and alterations to existing buildings are well designed and in keeping with the local environment, some local communities have produced local design guidance or community design statements. These are sometimes standalone documents or they may form part of neighbourhood plans. In many cases they do not have formal recognition in the planning process but it is hoped that developers and householders will use these documents to guide the design of their proposals


Down Ampney (1995) – Village Design Statement

This was produced in the early 1990s by a partnership of Cotswold District Council and local residents. It was adopted by the Council as Supplementary Planning Guidance in 1994. Although some of the proposed developments have now been implemented much of the general guidance is still relevant.

Lechlade (2016) – Town Character Assessments

As part of the supporting work for the Lechlade Neighbourhood Development Plan a town character assessment was carried out. This is referred to in policy DI (design principles) of the neighbourhood plan and in the supporting text for a number of other policies.

Preston (2017) – Parish Design Statement

In 2015 the Parish Council set up a Design Statement Steering Group and, following community consultation, the Parish Council approved the Preston Parish Design Statement in 2017. The statement will be further developed as part of Preston’s neighbourhood plan process. Cotswold District Council has not formally endorsed the Statement, but has been asked by the Parish to consider it as informal planning guidance. 

Kemble (2017) - Landscape Appraisal

In late 2017 Kemble Parish Council endorsed the Kemble Landscape Appraisal prepared by Tyler Grange.  The appraisal has not been formally adopted by Cotswold District Council, but provides useful information that can help guide development and other proposals.

Kemble (2017) - Heritage (Archaeology) Appraisal

In 2018 Kemble Parish Council endorsed the Kemble Heritage (Archaeology) Appraisal prepared by Archaeology and Planning Solutions. The appraisal has not been formally adopted by Cotswold District Council, but provides useful information that can help guide development and other proposals.

Cirencester (2017) - Town Centre Public Realm Design Code

Cirencester Town Council has produced a Design Code for the public realm of Cirencester to help to improve design standards; ensure that new built development and changes to the public realm are appropriate to the character of the town; and to help to direct investment into the town’s public realm.  Cotswold District Council has not formally adopted this design code, but it complements the Cotswold Design Code by providing more detail on this particular aspect of urban design.

Other towns and parishes

A number of other towns and parishes such as Tetbury, Chipping Campden, Northleach and Somerford Keynes, have drafted design guidance as part of the preparation of their neighbourhood plans, however these are not yet finalised. For more information visit our neighbourhood planning page.