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Conservation area maps

Cotswold District has 144 conservation areas - the highest number of conservation areas of any district local authority in England.

Interactive maps - Conservation areas

Downloadable conservation area maps are available below, by town. (Some areas have accompanying statements and appraisals which are locally prepared documents, any suggestions for boundary changes have not been formally reviewed or approved by Cotswold District Council. However they provide useful background information for local residents, property owners and developers).

If you live in a conservation area extra planning controls may apply

  • You may need planning permission for demolition works
  • You must let us know of any proposed works to trees in a conservation area
  • You must apply for planning permission for minor works such as replacement windows and doors, removal of chimney stacks and boundary walls and replacement roof materials (if permitted development rights have been removed due to Article 4 directions).

To find out whether your proposed works require planning permission, email (include a detailed description of the proposed works, a sketch plan of the building, photographs and any other relevant information).

If you are concerned that unauthorised works are being carried out in a conservation area, please tell us by reporting a planning breach.

Read more about conservation areas on the Historic England website.

Kemble and Kemble Station

The Kemble and Kemble Station Conservation Areas Appraisal and Management Guidance prepared by Montagu Evans (2016) has been endorsed by the Parish Council, however it has not been formally reviewed or approved by Cotswold District Council.  It provides useful information that can help guide development and other proposals.