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Council spending

It is important that residents can see how their taxes are being spent. Here you can read our statements of accounts, staffing details, monthly spending data, purchasing card expenditure and our medium term financial plan.

The annual statement of accounts reports on our financial position at the end of the year and transactions during the year.


From 1 November 2017, most Cotswold District Council staff transferred to Publica Group Ltd who now provide services on the council’s behalf. A small number of staff continue to be employed by the council.

Publica Group Ltd is a local authority owned company created by Cheltenham Borough, Cotswold, Forest of Dean and West Oxfordshire District Councils. Its purpose is to transform the way local services are delivered to communities through innovation and to set the standard for all councils in the future.

Monthly expenditure data (council spending)

The government's transparency programme holds public bodies to account, delivering better value for money in public spending and helping to cut the record deficit. The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government requests that all local councils publish details of all their supplier spending over £500. We have chosen to publish details of all payments. We are required to publish data in CSV files, on a monthly basis, no later than 30 days after the month end. The data is made available for use under the terms of the Open Government Licence. If you have any questions, email them with the payment number to

Purchase card expenditure data

The council holds four purchasing cards. These cards are held for emergency use of for making purchases when no other method of payment is accepted

Building Control charging account

By law, we are required to publish a financial statement showing the cost of running the Building Control section.

Medium term financial strategy

2023/24 Budget and Medium Term Financial Strategy Report

Annex A 2023/24 Budget and Medium Term Financial Strategy - Report of the Chief Finance Officer

Annex B - Medium Term Financial Strategy

Annex C - Savings Plan

Annex D - Capital Programme 2023/24 to 2026/27