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Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour describes incidents of crime, nuisance and disorder. These issues can occur over time and can impact your day to day life. Anti-social behaviour includes:

  • litter
  • graffiti
  • flytipping
  • dog fouling
  • threatening and intimidating behaviour
  • excessive noise

You can report a number of these issues on the Litter, street cleaning and dog fouling and Noise and other nuisances pages.

How to report anti-social behaviour 

Report criminal and general anti-social behaviour to the Police on non-emergency number 101

When the problem is unresolved and ongoing

If after reporting the problem, you do not feel enough action has been taken you can use the ‘Community Trigger’ process.

You can start the process if you have reported three incidents of the same problem, in the last six months. Or if more than five people have made reports about the same problem in the last six months.

Contact us to start the process by:

  • writing to Cotswold District Council Environmental Regulatory Service, Trinity Road, Cirencester, GL7 1PX
  • emailing