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Where your council tax goes

Your yearly council tax charge is based on:

Where your council tax goes

Less than nine percent of the council tax we collect stays within Cotswold District Council. We collect council tax for:

Council tax charges 2021 to 2022

Distribution of Council Tax

Band A

Band B

Band C

Band D

Band E

Band F

Band G

Band H

Glos County Council









Cotswold District Council









Glos Police Authority









Town/Parish Council (average)*


















 * Parish amounts are based on the average charge, you may pay more or less than the sums shown depending on where you live.

For your exact council tax charge see your council tax bill.

District Council funding

We use our share of the council tax collected to help pay for a variety of services. These include:

The council tax we collect does not pay for the full cost of local services. The rest of our funding comes from:

  • Central Government grants
  • redistributed business rates
  • interest income
  • various fees and charges
  • other grants and contributions
  • savings