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Step by step guide to planning permission

This guide will give you information on the different parts of the planning process and what you need to do.

Check if you need planning permission

Whether you need planning permission or not will depend on the type and scale of your project. You can find out what work usually needs planning permission and what is permitted development

The planning portal also has examples of common projects.

Check local planning restrictions and policy

You should make sure your proposals take into account Local Planning policy, and make sure designs are in keeping with the area.

New developments, including change of use, may also have to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy and may be required to address habitats regulations assessment issues.

Get pre-application advice

Our planning officers can offer advice on whether your proposal is likely to be accepted and if any changes are needed. 

It is particularly useful if you have a large or complex proposal. 

We will let you know within 10 working days of your request if we can provide pre-application advice. If this is not possible we will let you know when you send in your request.

Submit your planning application

Your application can be submitted online or by post. Make sure you include all the documents and information we need. If anything is missing it will take longer to process your application. 

Once we have all the correct information we validate your application. It takes around eight weeks from the date of receiving all the correct information for a decision to be made. Larger and more complex applications can take 13 weeks.

After you have submitted a planning application

The Planning Portal has more information on how decisions to grant or refuse planning permission are made. If we need more information to make a decision we will contact you. 

Larger or sensitive applications may be decided by the Planning Committee.

After you have received a decision

If conditions have been added to your permission then you need to apply for approval or variation of the conditions.

The process for making changes after a decision has been given depends on the type and scale of changes. You may need to submit a non-material amendment form or a new planning application.

You can appeal a decision to the planning inspectorate. Householder applications have 12 weeks from the date of our decision to appeal. Other applications have six months from the date of our decision to appeal.

Additional permissions

In addition to planning permission you may also need: